Wednesday, 22 December 2010

More of the wonderful Neto!

This man is bonkers!! His work is illusive and beautiful, I want to BE there and STAY there!

A new generation of art!

A new system of people watching! What I think it great about this kind of art is observing how members of the public deal or react to it.

Curator comments ont he movement towards "Defining the art work by the presence of the visitor or spectator"
What is sculpture? How does scultpure function?

So for you - what is art? Is this art??

I would argue that this may be the most explorative type of art. It explores society and culture and opens up the mind to endless possiblities. This is the struggle to revert humans to the nature of PLAY.
It takes a certain type of personality to try this kind of thing out! Lighten up, play out - bring it on!

Would snow make a good sculpture?







O the possibilities...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Harrogate Knit and Stitching Show!

My 4th time at the Knit and Stitch in Harrogate! This year was especially good for scrap fabrics and the usual craft materials!  As exciting and festive as ever! See pictures: !

Jane McKeating - Boy on a bike

Lynn Setterington - Passing down tree of life
This appliqu├ęd hanging was not your typical depiction of your family tree! It is layered with personal quotes, memories and childlike dialogue, surrounded by amusing genealogical graphs.

Joanna Teague's stitched textiles continued to appeal to my love of narrative and tactility.

She deals with themes of the family, of values, advice and personal/societal phrases. In her work, she uses poetry and dialogue stitched in red against white/cream cotton backgrounds. The old cotton adds to the nature of past & memory and gives each piece a delicate essence. The red thread was said to be used to relate back to old washing labels on clothes.

Her embroidered baby dress is a great commentary on all the advice that new mothers are given both when the baby is born and when they are pregnant. She recites many of the 'tips' people have given her (good or bad) in stitch resulting in a delicate yet comic what you could call, a tapestry.

Annie Harrison's installation of bedlinen sheets was interesting and coincidentally works with the themes of history and memory like myself. "Bed sheets speak of layers of memory, of archaeological strata containing the artefacts of people and place"


Isabel Dibden Wright

I love the colours and textures in this hanging by Isabel Dibden Wright. I would like to experiment with stitching and layering fabrics in this way!