Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Small model:


Clay workshop 2

This weekend, I got to finish off my clay box made with artist Lindsi Ramsden. We used oxides to highlight the textured lines then mixed powered ceramic paints to add colour. Lindsi will now fire the boxes for the second time before we can go pick them up!

Great workshop! I would thoroughly recommend!

With oxide:

With colour:


Following the advice of my tutor, I have made some models experimenting with the types of spaces I wish to create. This has been a useful exercise as it has helped me to imagine more effectively, how a enclosure of doors may feel. I am leaning towards the use of 5 panels to make a pentagon structure as I feel this is more satisfying than a square and has enough - but not too many - doors.

I was interested in what panels of fabric instead of doors would look like...

I like this model and am still deliberating over which type of space to make. I am aware that these panels are a lot more elusive and create a transitory experience whereas the doors (although not properly clear in the cardboard model) would be a much more solid, enclosed structure.  The door model looks rather shanty-town at the moment but I plan for the final finish to be meticulously clean cut - aiming to bridge the border between art and design. As you can see with the door model, I am experimenting with the idea of a plain white exterior vs. a vibrant 'colourful inside.

Monday, 11 February 2013

The mystery of doors..

I am considering working with doors to create a space which one can enter to be immersed in a world away from reality - reminiscent of fairytale dreams such as Alice and Wonderland. I hunted out a man with some old doors (how exciting!) at the university and have taken some pictures thinking about how this space will feel.

I have also done some small models playing with ideas of spaces which you can walk through/around/in. I am leaning towards using shapes which relate to the notion of a door but which are not so obviously symbolic - hence the rectangular structures seen below.

Clay slab building

This weekend, I had my first of two classes with artist and workshop owner, Linsi Ramsden at Manchester Craft and Design Centre. It was a full day and very interesting to learn all the processes of printing in clay as well as how to slab build! Made the box this week and next week we will paint and glaze it! I plan for my box to hold flowers. Check back next week for finished pictures!