Friday, 21 February 2014

Martin Creed: What is the point of it all?

This weekend I went to the Creed exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. Lured in by the promise of interactive, immersive environments, I was slightly disappointed with some of the work displayed.. Creed's work is slightly crude at times but his concepts are interesting and I really enjoyed the balloon room!

I really felt I was a child back in a playground - no one could see me and I enjoyed running around, disappearing into and out of the balloons!

Ceramics course

The 3rd week of my Ceramics Course at Trafford College..

I am in the process of making a second vase (what am I going to do with all these objects?!) and have to decide what glaze to put on my first..

Apart from the really long bus journey every Thursday night, I have really enjoyed this course so far and it has reaffirmed that I want to be doing something practical with my hands EVERYDAY.

Week one of my search for employment in the arts begins...


Yesterday, I attended a training day at the Cornerhouse Manchester. 'Creative Consultation with Young People' was a course run by arts training organisation, ARTSWORK. The course was a great opportunity to meet other art professionals and share experiences of engaging young people. I feel I now have an overview of how to organise a consultation with young people and hopefully, would be better at delivering a session, taking in to consideration all the issues discussed.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Lampshade making

I have been doing some crafty things recently so I can keep my roots in the artistic world. This one was a lampshade making course at Ministry of Craft Manchester.

Beautiful place, with a quaint kitsch vibe - a nice way to spend the afternoon. 

Thank you Sam!