Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair


This weekend I have been working for Ingrid Wagner at The Great Northern in Manchester. It has been a great experience selling to a large audience and also being able to work with an established textile artist. I learnt a lot about Ingrid's practice and also about her selling and marketing strategies. The show gave me a chance to mix with wider Art & Craft circles and gain an insight into how the industry operates. At 10 hours a day it was hard work but great fun - I especially liked chatting to the customers and with other stall holders. I have even managed to sell Ingrid's product to myself - I am planning to start 'Big Knitting' a bed throw in the new year! 

Check it out:

Other artists I met and whose work interested me were:

Uses delicately cut textiles to create three-dimensional canvasses. The layers are brightly coloured and create an intriguing optical illusion of digital/glass work.

Maxine's mixture of screen printing, embroidery and machine stitch is great. I love the texture she creates and am drawn to the tweeness of her domestic imagery.

Again, it's the manipulation of fabrics and textures that I like. Her layering of stitch, appliqué plus the heating of fabric and occasional felting create vibrant, mixed media images. Liliane even gave me a sample of her work to keep -->

Sarah had a number of other works too but this book from her project I Know Where I Am Going particularly interested me. The threading and dangling of paper is fabulously tactile and again, she deals with words and text which is something I too, am interested in.
SUZI MCLAUGHLIN (also at the fair) works with paper in similar ways, making multi-layered sculptures.

Catherine's wallpaper was lovely. 'Stamps' (above left) is a really interesting pattern, working with an object that wouldn't be immediately identifiable with interior design! The photographic print features cascades of vintage stamps from around the world.

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